Installing A Brand New Roof In British Columbia

30 Sep

Your home safe and sound commences with the top. Your homes roof is a lot more then just shingles, it is just a complex structure of different layers that has to be put together to guarantee full protection of your house.

Initial step is to prepare a roof deck, pay attention to quality of wood and repair any problems that you notice. After ensuring your roof deck is in a good shape you can start with deck protection layer, simply then ‘s time for any shingles. Be sure that starter shingles are installed properly, cause they have to be proof against different types of weather, especially wind. Nail the shingles carefully, after some time you will caught the rhythm, but initially take note of nail type, location, comparison of roofers in Burnaby British Columbia length, angle and force of application. Make sure you remember about vents, with out them your whole roof can are in danger as a result of hot and moist air damages.

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